Baza celebrates the tradition of the guitar and harmonica duo, performing original and pre-war country blues from the 1920s through the 1930s.  This New Hampshire based duo features Doug Philbrook, resonator guitar and vocals and Geof Goodell, harmonica and vocals.  Their live shows keep audiences entertained with their dynamic instrumental interplay, gritty soulful vocals, stories and "bluesocology" of the music and the musicians that gave birth to the early blues.

"What a great night of blues!  Many great songs with interesting stories about the artists who wrote them." - Diane Heer, director, Kimball Library, Atkinson NH

Doug was inspired to play the blues after hearing the recordings of Delta blues icon Robert Johnson.  The polyrhythmic guitar playing and “tough living” lyrical poetry of Johnson’s music set the hook.  Doug’s playing on National Resonator guitars employs a variety of blues tunings, picking and bottleneck styles and his vocals are emotive and evocative of the classic blues howlers.  His encyclopedic knowledge of the music and his ability to craft a story is engaging and entertaining to listeners of all ages.

“Through their gift for storytelling and knowledge about the rich and interesting history of blues music, a Baza performance makes for a wonderful evening of edutainment.”  - Roger Plourde, Board of Directors, Granite State Blues Society

Influential in the development of Geof’s melodic and fluid style of harmonica playing is his enjoyment for many styles of music including, jazz, rock ’n’ roll and bluegrass.  His blues journey began with the music of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and harmonica stylist, Paul Butterfield.  Geof’s harmonica sound can go from “silk to grit” and his vocals are passionate and “spot on.”  His stage presence and ability to connect with audiences is in harmony with his easy going, laid back nature. 

"Doug and Geof have developed a special symbiosis; they are true complements to each other as they play, each allowing room for the other to shine." - Anya Zakiewicz, Simple Gifts Coffeehouse, Nashua NH

Together since 2002, these bluesmen conjure the sounds of the “Deep Blues” with wailing harmonica, sharp vocal harmonies and driving steel guitar rhythms.   They play songs of hard living, love won and lost, natural disasters and celebration.  Their performances paint a picture of the blues through the songs and stories of its early creative geniuses and the times they lived.  Their sound has been described as “gritty and soulful” and their story telling engaging and insightful. 

"Baza has taken the time to get inside the old songs and styles and figure out what made them tick (bass runs, harmonies, turnarounds and phrases) to really do the music justice." - Jim Katsiaficas, guitarist

On their 2017 CD release, “Reeds, Strings, Blues & Rags” Doug and Geof perform five traditional country blues songs and four originals that seem right at home with the tradition that inspired them.

“"Baza proves themselves to be one of the Granite States treasures! Good stuff!" - Doug Sloan, Metronome Magazine

Live at The Big E 2021